Club Fair Share


Club Fair Share was began in 2003, by a child in 4th grade. He later then created a website and began to learn what the internet was all about. He posted pictures, games, music, and even jokes on the website, for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

In about 2005, Club Fair Share switched to and began this website that you are on today.

We settled in for two years and later moved to and began an online discussion. From that point, we used both websites (Own-Free-Website and ForuMotion) to create an online entertainment center.

Club Fair Share was later shipped off of ForuMotion and closed. We opened a new forum called, "Social Forever," which was a general discussion forum, with a twist. It was later sold and Club Fair Share remained in our possession. Sometime during this timeframe, Own-Free-Website began to delete our pages on the original Club Fair Share website. Sadly, our original content is gone forever. We never had this intent, until Own-Free-Website did it for us.

In about 2012, the domain was not renewed and was out for anyone to purchase. With that being said, the owner later tried to find someone to revamp the forum and open it up again, in mid-2013. Sadly, the new management did not treat it as promised.

In my opinion, Club Fair Share is like an old theme park that was abandon because of a storm. The rain caused the park to close, and no one ever bothered to clean it up. It's a real tragedy.

As of June 2013, I, the owner and founder, have halted all online estates to enjoy my senior year in high school.